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Care Harbor: Los Angeles was and still is one of my favorite pre-dental opportunities I have ever attended! At Care Harbor, we rotated from different stations to perform multiple different responsibilities, all in a single day! In the end, Care Harbor is the community coming together to help its own. The free clinics create the opportunity and setting for so many pre-dental volunteers to deliver coordinated, multidisciplinary healthcare that the entire community can benefit from. Correcting dental problems can make individuals more employable and productive and diagnosing chronic diseases when they are more treatable reduces the burden on safety net resources. Finally for the hundreds of pre-dental students, Care Harbor can help build a lifelong commitment to help the underserved in our communities. I would highly recommend all-predentals who have the opportunity to volunteer here to sign up whenever they open up again!

Danny Cao, UC Irvine, 2021

Care Harbor 2019

Care Harbor 2018

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