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Quick Tips to Destress - Rebecca Tsuei ('21)

“All I have to do is leave Westwood, go on long drives around LA and find views like beaches, cityscapes… Things that remind me that there so much outside of dental school.”

- Nirmit Shah, ‘22

“When I’m stressed, tennis has always been an escape for me, a way to forget about everything else that’s going on in my life academically and instead focus on pounding my opponent into oblivion. I also like gaming and playing games like Pokemon go, because it allows me to escape into another world--a world that I control.”

- Maalik DeFreitas, ‘22

“I love to pamper myself so to destress I do a lot of face masks, get my nails done, watch reality TV. I clean a lot too.”

- Alyssa Jansen, ‘21

“Being around people I care about is how I destress the most. Just being able to talk about my feelings and what I’m going through helps so much.”

- Mark Veazie, ‘21

“I try to stay organized with my time so when I’m feeling to stressed I can just take a step back from dental school and do anything to take my mind completely off of what’s stressing me out. I spend the morning or afternoon surfing. I go home and visit family and friends. Being in the moment and completely removed from the school environment, whether it’s doing something I love or being with people I love, allows me to fully relax and recharge.”

- Stephanie Bauman, ‘20

“I just try to do regular stuff like going to the gym. But I think sharing stories is important, because talking about it lifts it off your shoulders--whether it’s problems studying or having trouble in clinic. We tend to think we’re the only ones struggling, but when you actually talk about it, you find out that everyone goes through similar things, and you feel a lot less alone.”

- John Le, ‘19

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