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ASDA has in all honesty, been the backbone of my dental school career thus far. I remember being a D1, not knowing what was going on and was so overwhelmed by whatever "ASDA" was. There were so many clubs, leaders and events I couldn't quite grasp what it meant. I found out exactly what ASDA was at my first conference, the Advocacy and Public Health Academy. I was offered an inside look at what ASDA really means and was able to meet prominent leaders in the organization that I now call my friends. Most importantly, I discovered all of the ways that we can finally establish our voice as professionals. I have always felt throughout my life that I had ideas and opinions that I couldn't necessarily voice or take action on. With ASDA I found that there were so many others just like me, waiting to take action and actually create change! I'm inspired every day by the leaders around me, and I can't wait to continue to serve UCLA ASDA and pave the way for each of you to find your own voice

Ariana Motavalli


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“Upon entering UCLA, I was so excited to get involved in ASDA! My close family friend/mentor was incredibly involved with ASDA at her school and totally passed down the ASDA fever. Right off the bat, I became involved in Fundraising and the Peds and Teens committees, where I was able to give back to our chapter and community in a tangible way. As Fundraising Chair, I quickly learned how to juggle the many moving parts and responsibilities of our main fundraising events, the Vendor Fair and Charity Auction, which will serve me well as Treasurer for the upcoming year. In the future, I'm most excited to attend a national conference and am SO excited to serve our chapter in this position creatively and responsibly!”



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My UCLA ASDA experience has been one of mentorship and service! Initially getting involved  with Predental Outreach as a committee member, I found my niche quickly. Anytime I had the opportunity to mentor a predental student, I was filled with in an incredible sense of fulfillment. Continuing on as the chair of that committee and now on to Vice President, I look forward to now mentoring my peers in our ASDA chapter and helping them reach their full potential -Kevin                         I am so excited to be part of this powerhouse of a team that will lead our outstanding ASDA chapter into a new era! I can't wait to take every opportunity I can to help feed your knowledge and passion for organized dentistry, to support your ambitions here in dental school, and to push each and every one of you to continue to dream far beyond the confines of our campus. As we make our way into this unprecedented year, let us help you make the most out of your dental school experience. I promise we'll be working our butts off to provide you with the tools and opportunities to find out just what this whole "ASDA Fever" means to you! -Kelsey



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“I jumped right into ASDA my D1 year, attending the District 11 Conference and joining a diverse range of committees. I've always felt empowered in my roles in ASDA, specifically whilst serving as Co-Fundraising Chair and Golf Chair. I appreciate all the ways my involvements have allowed me to grow as a leader and individual- strengthening my communication, improving my sense of organization and maintaining a strong attention to detail- all of which will help me in my future years as a business owner and health care provider.  As Secretary, I look forward to serving the chapter on Cabinet and acting as a resource for anyone in need, while encouraging and uplifting the committees I oversee and planning engaging socials for all of you with our sponsors. In this coming year, I am excited to nurture the same empowerment I experienced in our new leaders and to watch UCLA's ASDA Chapter flourish with intention, passion and creativity!”



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I found out about ASDA at orientation week when I was entering UCLA as a new dental student. I never was interested in politics before starting dental school, but starting this new journey in my life I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and decided to join the ASDA Legislative Committee. It was here when I found my new passion for policy and my excitement for ASDA. Since then, I have been to two ASDA conferences (NLC and Annual Session) where I saw the real purpose of ASDA and all it has to offer. I have taken on the role of Legislative Liaison of UCLA's ASDA chapter and District 11's Conference Chair which I now have the privilege of getting involved in a bigger role of ASDA. In the future, I hope I can get UCLA students further involved in ASDA to help them see all the things it entails. For example leadership, advocacy, networking, organized dentistry...the list goes on and on!




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